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Silk Travel Scarf - The Lemonia
Silk Travel Scarf - The Lemonia


Silk Travel Scarf - The Lemonia


ATLAS The Lemonia Silk Travel Scarf 80x80cm

A travel scarf series from artworks by Adrianne Dimitrakakis. Inspired by life on the road and the great craftmanship of the that classic vintage scarf. It’s the old holiday scarf that’s been around the world with you, for those who follow the sun and seek the sea wherever they go.

It’s wearable art for the inspired traveller as a head scarf, a top, summer sarong or can be framed for your wall as a keepsake of your travels.

Measurements are 80cm x 80cm and lightweight silk to ensure its easy to wear whichever way you like.

Enjoy your travels with your travel scarf.

- Lightweight construction

- Made in Italy

- Silk 100%

- Silk twill finish

- Hand rolled hem

- Made in limited runs

- Designed to soften with wear

- Comes with branded box and postcard of location, Rio.