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Adrianne Dimitrakakis is the artist behind Atlas.

Based in Byron Bay, her artwork has progressed from minimal vintage style maps into colour and texture-filled large pieces. Inspired from living in a sub tropical location and alluring places around the world.

Especially all the little things discovered while on her travels; textured walls, fruit stands, old signage and many collected coasters and vintage matchbooks.

For the love of things worn with a past life and that tell a story of time.

The vintage aesthetic provokes thought of the many places we’ve passed in order to get to where we’re going and also those places yet to be discovered. They are out there, waiting to be found.

Previously working in marketing for a surf company, she travelled often for photoshoots and surf trips. It saw her travel to some beautiful remote islands. She would document her finds and illustrate maps of the remote archipelagos and travel destinations and capture these places on film.

With the storytelling of travel and surf in mind, she worked with like minded people yet craved the moving further into her artwork and Atlas was born.

She plans to keep travelling, documenting her travels of each place and creating art from these experiences and key visuals. She aims to bring the sun to you and remind us of those simples pleasures abroad; a true keepsake from your travels and a reminder to keep exploring, on land and water.