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Mantra Friendship Band Multi


Mantra Friendship Band Multi


Lucy Folk Mantra Friendship Band

Colourful and quirky, Lucy Folk's Mantra Friendship Band brings the fun to long days in the sun! A cult classic, this macramé bracelet, handmade by artisans, is available in a dizzying variety of colours and features three rectangular charms dipped in a mix of plated metals. Worn alone or stacked up the arm, it's light-hearted fun at its best. Please note, each Friendship Band is unique and will not mirror that shown in the product image. Please email prior to placing your order to confirm your preferred colour for the cotton band.

  • Handmade in Sterling Silver, Yellow and Rose Gold Plate and Cotton
  • Features 3 x Rectangular Charms Dipped in a Mix of Plated Metals
  • Length measures 250mm
  • Width measures 12mm